Executive Director
Zona Seca, Inc.

Dear Friends:

Welcome/Bienvenidos! Thank you for showing an interest in one of Santa Barbara’s best-kept secrets, Zona Seca, Inc. . For over 40 years, our agency has assisted over 65,000 people with substance abuse problems living in Santa Barbara and Lompoc.

Our organization has been able to succeed in this accomplishment because of the dedicated volunteer board members. The board of director’s commitment to the agency’s mission is the key to our ability to serve our clients. Their involvement is helping our clients regain strength to meet the challenges in their lives. The result of this effort contributes largely to the enrichment of our community.

In the past fourteen years Zona Seca’s focus has been to strengthen its fiscal position as a social enterprise. We have been able to advance this effort through adopting entrepreneurial earned income strategies. A central component of a social enterprise is to raise funds through earned income which allows us to deliver services to clients. The earned income strategies also produce long term sustainable revenue allowing us the ability to continue providing the fine work we do.

As the 21st century unfolds, client demands have determined the need to increase substance abuse prevention, intervention, and education services for youth, adults and families. Unfortunately this is happening during a time when our country faces an economic crisis never before experienced. Government reduction of revenue for substance abuse services will force many programs to reduce services and some will have to close their doors. If our community is to continue to preserve its quality of life, then it is incumbent upon public and private sector leaders to accept the challenge and adopt initiatives to support programs such as the ones Zona Seca offers, as well as similar programs offered by other nonprofit organizations.

Zona Seca’s earned income strategies have helped to minimize the need for Zona Seca to seek out philanthropic support for our programs. However, as the economic crises deepens in our country and state, if you are someone looking for an organization to donate to who provides a return on your investment through the proven delivery of quality services to the less fortunate, please consider Zona Seca, Inc.


Executive Director