Drug Diversion

Ashleigh Johnson-Barton
Program Manager

The Drug Diversion Program at Zona Seca is for clients referred by the California court system who have been arrested for the first time for (1) being under the influence of a controlled substance, (2) being in possession of a controlled substance, or both, or (3) being under the influence of alcohol in a public place.

The program consists of 30 sessions: 10 individual therapy sessions, 10 group sessions and 10 twelve-step meetings. It also includes random drug tests.

The following is a summary of the sessions and drug testing:

  • The 10 individual therapy sessions deal with the client’s underlying issues that cause them to use drugs or alcohol. Therapy will also deal with family of origin issues and life skills.
  • The 10 educational sessions cover drugs and alcohol and relapse. One session will include HIV/AIDS education.
  • Attendance at the 10 twelve-step meetings is mandatory. An attendance card is given to each client to have signed by the secretary of each of the 10 meetings. It is put into the client’s file at completion.
  • Drug testing is random and includes a minimum of two tests. Clients complete an initial history intake. The therapist may refer the client to another agency or service during treatment if such a referral is called for. If the client is not able to stop using drugs or alcohol or if the therapist feels there may be a coexisting mental illness that persists after the client detoxes, the client may be referred to a psychiatrist or to the Santa Barbara County Alcohol, Drug & Mental Health Services for assessment.
  • The therapist keeps in touch with the referral source as requested. The client is presented with a certificate when the course is completed.
  • The charge for this program is $1,000. A down payment of $200 is required when signing up for the program or at the first session. Monthly payments can be arranged, and credit cards are accepted for the whole amount or for monthly payments.v

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