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Zona Seca (or dry place) is proud to have been a partner in the community for more than 40 years, helping LOCAL COMMUNITIES become drug-free while educating residents, young and old, about the perils of ALCOHOL, DRUGS, VIOLENCE, TRUANCY and GANG PARTICIPATION. The Agency has served more than 65,000 people to date, and that number grows every day.

Zona Seca accomplishes its mission by providing professional and cost-effective counseling, intervention, and prevention services for all people in need. Organization programs and counseling opportunities include:

The Youth Offender Program (YOP)   SANTA BARBARA
Driving under the influence education
Family violence counseling
Drug diversion
Juvenile drug court and Proposition 36 services (Substance Abuse Crime Prevention Act 2000)

The Zona Seca Home is staffed with professionals and experts in behavioral care, crisis intervention, counseling, and psychiatric health. We work hand in hand to achieve the care best suited to your loved one in need. We are not a passive provider that goes for just the job. Instead, we include and highly encourage the participation of patients and their family in the provision of services as well as in the formation of a support system that uplifts the morale of the member being cared for.

At Zona Seca Home, we are willing to listen. We weigh down all viable options possible, examine them, and filter a reassuring alternative that goes with your personal decisions and preferences. Everybody gets a fair and personalized treatment. We monitor our patients regularly, and reassess his/her level in the program. Our approach is mainly social and conditional, bringing out recuperation from the intrinsic side, while continually supporting the goal via an external, directional guidance.

Because of the dedication of our Zona Seca staff, an untold number of lives have been comforted and saved, while many families have been reunited because of the agency's vital efforts.

We look forward to your healing and recovery today. Allow us to become your way to success. Call Zone Seca Home at 805-963-8961.